1000mg Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Extract and 400mg Kavalactones from Noble Kava.

Our super blend of Cannabinoids and Kava Kava extract for a superior union that works on 2 separate systems within the body; the Cannabinoid receptors and the GABA receptors.

Blended and homogenised to create a stable product with particles down to 1 micron for fast and effective absorption. We use a proprietary blend of medium and long chain triglyceride oils for absorption through the liver as well as the lymphatic system. This ensures that more of the active compounds reach your blood stream and are not lost in the stomach acid and during First Pass Metabolism in the liver.


This product will taste very strong and have a peppery sensation. it will make the soft tissue of the mouth and throat go numb, a but like Lidocaine. This is totally normal and harmless and to be expected. It is a sign of a high quality product.