Welcome to SatyaCBD

Quality     Affordability     Effectiveness

SatyaCBD was born out of necessity.

In an attempt to find a quality hemp extract that wasn’t overpriced and overhyped we decided the only way was to do it ourselves.

After years of research and trial we have created a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract oil that we feel to be one of the best hemp extract products available today.

What Does Satya Mean?

Satya is a Sanskrit word meaning Divine Truthfulness. It refers to one of the 5 moral restraints of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. In this context it refers not to telling the truth as we see it, which is a subjective and often incomplete perspective, but to living in alignment with the highest truth, the source of Life itself.

Mahatma Gandhi’s movement of passive political resistance, Satyagraha, was a perfect example of this. It is also the driving force behind SatyaCBD, to provide you with the best product we can while balancing quality and effectiveness with price.