About Satya CBD

Satya CBD began in response to the unacceptable cost and misinformation common to much of the CBD industry. In the search to find a product that was effective and affordable a gap in the market was identified and the call was heard. People deserve access to a product they need at a price they deserve and so Satya CBD was born.

What Makes Satya Different?

Quality – Satya CBD oil is made from locally and ethically grown, hemp. It is ethanol extracted to preserve terpenes and a broad cannabinoid profile which aids the Entourage Effect. Our extract is also carbon scrubbed and filtered to remove impurities and provide a good tasting, clean product. We searched the market and questioned many hemp processors to find one that produced a high quality product, was driven by philanthropic motives and above all was openly honest. We regularly visit the extraction facility and have a close relationship with our CBD extract supplier.

Full Spectrum – We only use sources that show unusually high levels of minor canabinoids such as CBG, CBC and CBN. Each cannabinoid has it’s own unique qualities and can stand alone in it’s benefits as CBD continues to show. When all the cannabinoids of the hemp plant are used in symphony the increase in it’s power is exponential. As we develop we will provide a choice of cannabinoid and terpene profiles for different situations, one for daytime calm and focus and another for night time pain and deep rest.

Lab tested – Each batch of extract is lab tested for purity and CBD content and provides a detailed analysis of which terpenes are present before being prepared for consumption.

CBD Optimised Carrier Oil – At Satya we use a proprietary blend of carrier oils and ingredients to ensure a more effective delivery of CBD to the endo-cannabinoid system. In the CBD industry MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride) is the favourite carrier oil for CBD because it is a pure and efficient fuel source that gets utilised by the body without needing to be processed in the gut or liver. This means that the CBD can be carried into the blood stream much quicker than with other oils. However it has been shown that MCT is not the most effective delivery vehicle for delivery CBD into the body. This is why we have created an CBD optimised carrier oil blend that makes our CBD more bioavailable than MCT alone.

Homogenisation – One of the main problems with CBD products is the huge variability of active compounds from bottle to bottle. Each chemical compound has a different molecular weight and over time the mixture will settle leaving the heavier compounds at the bottom and the lightest at the top. This means that unless proper measures are taken there can be huge variability of CBD content between batches, bottles and even doses taken from the same bottle.

A recent test done within the cannabis industry revealed that very few products tested at random contained the claimed amount of CBD, many at half or below, and one CBD water product contained none whatsoever. This is likely due to settlement of molecular weight.

At Satya CBD we use a rotor stator homogeniser operating at 33000 rpm on our final product which not only ensures that every dose will be the same, in every bottle and batch, but also reduces the particle size of the CBD molecules meaning they can pass through the membranes of the body far more effectively thereby bypassing the need for processing through the digestive system and liver. This means that the CBD can be efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream from the very moment it is applied under the tongue.

Emulsifying Agent – We use liquid sunflower lecithin as an emulsifying agent. Emulsifiers provide a coating around oil droplets so they can be individually suspended in water. Ordinarily the oil droplets would coalesce and stick together returning to much larger oil droplets. This can be seen when an oil/water based salad dressing is shaken up and within a short time the cloudy mixture separates with the oil layer floating on top. Adding an emulsifying agent means that the tiny homogenised particles of Satya CBD are able to retain their size once absorbed into the water based blood stream increasing bioavailability and assisting the journey across the blood brain barrier.

GMO and Soy Free – All of the products used in Satya CBD are GMO and soy free. Our CBD is extracted from naturally grown hemp and although we cannot guarantee it’s organic status every effort is made to source material that have been grown with no, or minimal, chemicals.

Transparency – Our aim at Satya is to provide the best CBD product we can. If we cannot do this then it is not worth our time or effort. With regards to this aim we declare all our ingredients and processes and operate with absolute honesty and transparency as a rule.